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Friday, June 8

Back for awhile...

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Here's a shoutout to everyone, old and new to this site.

It's only recently that I'm back to organise this old blog that was forsaken for several years because I was struggling with 2 kids while being a working mom for the past few years.

I had the opportunity of being a SAHM (Stay at home mom) recently because my mom had been away traveling. I found a nice skin/theme that I really like that motivated to re-organise some of the blog entries I had over the past decade.

It's definitely not anything easier being SAHM but it does allow me to have window frames of tiny freedom with my 'own time' at home when the kids nap. It is usually just 2-3 hours per day - which nowadays are spent organising this site.

It's always a dilemma if I should nap together as well because I don't get straight rest/sleep at night -  have not been able to sleep without uninteruptions for 3-4 hours for the past 4 years every single night. I honestly have no idea how other moms do it...

Happy children, happy me :)

Meanwhile, I'm more active on Instagram. Do follow me if you like seeing the pictures of my kids haha! Otherwise you may look around the navigation bar for some "old but gold & worth checking out" links/entries.

Saturday, February 28

Documenting Haohao's Growth

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From 3-months approaching 4-months was another set of new situations.

My giant 13-weeks old boy was more than 97 percentile. 爆表 off the chart already. Haha he's dua leng gong like me too.

After the 3-months vaccination, we realised he doesn't react well to it and caught fever and was unwell for a couple of days. So poor thing....

打了婴儿预防针,可怜的皓皓现在发烧了. I now know what it's like to feel when your own kid falls sick and nothing seem to be able to calm him down. 这样叫我怎么放心回去工作呢?

Luckily his fever finally subsided with the prescribed 'liquid panadol' and he very quickly resume back to smiling & laughing.

However, the smile didn't last long. Just one day after I went back to work from maternity leave, I came back to a crying son.

I was told by my mom that he refused to drink milk and sleep. We had to take him to 万顺 clinic and boy was his medicine really effective. After refusing food intake for more than a day, Haohao was finally drinking and finally able to sleep. 整个人瘦了一大圈, where did my puff face go?

At the same time, we also finally took him to shave his head and hope it will grow out nicely by CNY! Hello 我的小和尚!

Even though I have shifted back to 娘家 but we still go back to Woodlands to my inlaw's place at least twice a month. We tried to do it weekly but it's actually quite rushed considering we go on Sundays and have to rush everything on the remaining Sunday night.

Recently he has been showing a lot of this clueless, blur look whenever I take him out for walks. He's probably overwhelmed by the sights, I dunno? But my heart always melts seeing this innocent look everytime hehe.

One of the newest activity to do with Haohao was bringing him to Babyspa! When we brought him there and asked the staff when is it appropriate to start letting babies swim, they say after 1 month will do. But our Haohao is almost 4 month, is it too late? I guess any profit company wouldn't say no la....

I was pleasantly surprised to know that Haohao likes it! Seems like all babies should like it? Hehe!

Monday, January 12

Very Special Moments

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I can't be more thankful & blessed for the currently life I have now.

I know it's stark contrast to my earlier post about struggling to become a "mom" and perhaps other unpleasantness that I've encountered but come to think of it, a lot of these unpleasantness are pretty trivial.

Like what most of the motivational sites encourage: Don't Sweat The Small Stuff.

12 Jan 2015 was my second wedding anniversary.

Sometimes I look back & wonder how things managed to fall in place in such a timely manner.

Sometimes I wonder 修来的什么福,可以顺利和喜欢的人相遇相恋,然后结婚生子。

Sometimes I had no idea how I do it but I did it somehow.


It has been 3 months since I became a mother. My 3-month old baby boy was beginning to look a little different from his newborn face :)

I think every month is a milestone for both of us. I come to realised that while I am struggling the new role, he might also be struggling and in distress as a newborn baby for him as well. I am still learning everyday, wishing he will be guai guai everyday.

I just want to document the few things about him & about myself...

At first month, we were all trying to get used to him and adjusting our lifestyles according to him - especially for me since I take BOTH the day shifts AND night shifts. I struggle with lack of sleep and lack of breastmilk. He continued crying very frequently throughout the day.

Especially bath times...

A daily challenge. A cause for crying everyday. 皓皓不喜欢脱光光,每次给他洗澡都哭到很惨。

I actually lose it a few times but everytime when I watched him sleep, I would regret my actions. Sigh...

Viewing photos of him is my favourite activity these days. Although I get to see and hold him every single day but somehow I see more of his crying faces :(

But seeing photos of his smiley, happy face does indeed give me strength to continue the daily struggles and tiredness.

At second month, he was growing quite rapid rapidly. He was born with 3.56kg, was less than 4kg at first month but it quickly increased to 6kg at second month. Other than crying, he was starting to make gibberish sounds and his facial expressions change very fast. If only he smiles happily like that all the time lol which I'm glad is getting more frequent.

Dear Haohao, thanks for being so lovable, sorry mommy lose my patience at you sometimes cos you're still quite 难搞. We help each other learn & get along better ok? Haha!

I'm told he really looks like me, especially the below faces. I guess I'm really proud of producing a mini-me haha!

A side by side comparison of my 10-weeks old son on the left and on the right is me possibly a few months old in 1983.



But actually, I kinda think he looks like my father! :)

As he was approaching 3 month, we realised he has a habit of lifting his pinky up. I hope this isn't a cause for worry that he might turn out to be a sissy :S

We also stop letting him wear mittens & socks but realised he will suck his fist/fingers as shown in the video below... LOL

Haohao sucking his own fist until dam shiok. Still can look at the camera while making the loud noises! #皓皓爽爽 #我是吃手达人 En En Koh Kah Bian Koh

Posted by Kah Neng Koh on Wednesday, January 21, 2015

So we still continued to let him wear mittens than eating his fingers... and the mitten would always get soaked with his saliva...aiyooooo

Hence, we introduced him to pacifier but realised that he can't really suck on it and it will end up keep falling off from his mouth.

The other thing that keep falling off is his hair! 原来小孩的胎毛都会掉的!And I certainly didn't know that previously!

One thing that I was extremely thankful was that he wasn't as afraid of bathing as before....

At least it's not a daily crying affair anymore! SO HURRAY!!!!

After 3 months, it was still not easy, it was still extremely tiring but definitely more happy. How can I not be????

我可爱的小帅哥!!! If only he is able to have good mood and smile like that all the time haha. But I guess it's ok, it's more precious if it's rare.

My mom & I have also attempted to bring out. It proved to be quite challenging but doable and omg, what we have to bring in the diaper bag was sooooo heavy.

Basically, my mom would be carrying the stroller (considered to be quite bulky for public transport). I would be carrying the diaper bag containing hot water in thermal flask, normal water, portioned milk powder, extra set of clothes & baby carrier. If we will be spending a great deal of time walking, Haohao will be in the stroller. If we have to get up & down public transport, I will be strapping him to me with baby carrier.

It was doable but very very tiring and I am aching all over cos I'm not just carrying Haohao but also the heavy diaper bag on my shoulder. Have to improvised a bit when we go out next time.


There was still 2 more weeks before my maternity leave ended and had to return back to work. I hope the adjustment wouldn't be too difficult for me to bear.

One thing that was indeed different to get adjusted was the extra baggage or 8kg still attached with me, resulting in my difficulty in running.

I have recently resumed back running but it proved to be extremely difficult because I had become so freaking heavy... as expected, I could no longer go back to my 7min/km. I had to struggle with 10-11min/km. My 2.4km was almost half hour, good lord!

To think I have signed up for runs. How am I going to complete 5km or even 10km when I have difficulty with 2.4km?

Tuesday, November 25

"Mom" Is A Difficult Role

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On 12 Oct 2014, after being pregnant for 38 weeks, I gave birth through cesarean to a healthy son who weighs 3.56kg

I then became the mom of Leong Min Hao - named after Lee Min Ho lol (I wanted to name him Leong Min Ho but didn't wanna make it too obvious lol)

We affectionately call him Haohao :)

As you can see from my Instagram widget on my blog, it has been flooded with pics of Haohao. Go check out my documentation of his growth if you haven't :P

The whole journey of becoming a mom was surreal.

When I was pregnant, I thought being pregnant was difficult because it was tiring.

After going through surgery, I thought the surgery was difficult because it was so painful.

After recuperating, I thought the healing process of difficult because I couldn't move quickly like before.

After confinement, I really think taking care of a baby is the most ultimate difficult task I ever encountered in my entire 31 years of life,

After 6 weeks (technically it's just 2 weeks as my child was being taken care of by the confinement nanny), I was struggling with this biggest challenge in my life ever and day after day I keep wondering why did I ever want a kid?

I must have been crazy when I thought having a kid would be 'sweet, cute & fun'. Why did I ever think that a person like me could become a mom?

There are so many things to learn, so many things to know, so many things to do... It is really overwhelming.

There were a lot of misconception of what I thought parenting/post-natal was about.

I thought I naturally had breast milk because every women have it right? Wrong. Apparently, not every woman is able to have fountain of breast milk available as & when.

I naively thought that I was able to supply my baby with my breast milk only to realise I have none or extremely little. For the first week, he has to drink formula milk until my very limited supply came in.

It was (and still is) a tiring process and and even more tiring journey to walk on but I hope it will get better because I already had a hard time taking care of myself, what makes me think I can take care of a little fragile new life?

I have to say that the confinement at my in-law's place wasn't an easy one and having a kid at home put extra tension between 婆媳关系.

Let's just sum it up as we weren't able to see eye to eye with each other and don't agree the way each other is doing things - this actually puts my husband in a difficult position but what to do?

My only consolation during the awful confinement was looking forward to my family visiting me every Sundays and bringing me a lot tonic and useful necessities for health/surgery recuperation.

During the unpleasantness, I often tear up thinking about stuff. A LOT OF stuff.

In order to put a stop to the miscommunication & misunderstanding, I ended up bringing Haohao back to my (own) parent's place so that my mom and/or my sisters would be able to keep an eye on him as I eat/bath/pee/poo.

And so I shifted from Woodlands back to Jurong.


Just to share some maternity shots that I had taken with Blocmemoire in Sept @ Raffles Marina.

I only selected a few to post. For more pics, you may check out here or my Facebook album (if you're able to access lol)


Haohao turned One Month old on Nov 12. He received many love from Zach's relatives & friends and my side of relatives & friends too.

However I was too overwhelmed and hardly took any pics.







Thursday, September 18

Mini Z! Coming Soon!

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I did a maternity shoot with Blocmemoire at Raffles Marina - the place I took pre-wedding photos and also held my solemnization as well as banquet there!!!

We had so much fun doing the shoot and the anniversary lunch was awesome! How did this anniversary lunch come about?

Well... when I signed the wedding banquet package in 2012, part of the package was an anniversary lunch to be utilize one year after wedding/marriage. But haha, in Jan 2014 we totally forgot about it until the arrangement of this maternity shoot.

The anniversary lunch was at the clock tower, which was the highest point at the area. I was so glad that they still honour their words!

I can't wait to see how the photos turn out to be!

36 weeks and 86-87kg! OMG! I have officially put on almost 20kg liao... HAIZ!


While Dearie had been really attentive to me in making sure my movements were at ease and he also try to accommodate all my other pregnancy discomfort, however his own arrangements were always messed up and affected my mood.

Somehow, whenever we go out together, something bu shun will happen.

During one Friday, the initial plan was going back to my place after the usual pre-natal class. He brought his clothes to office to work but after work he forgot to bring it with him. Sigh, so after class, we dabao Subway and waited for a damn long time for cab. The hospital visiting hours ended at 830pm and class ended at 850pm. By 9pm, hardly cab came in.

We waited & waited, finally it was our turn and the cab was on shift going toward Boon Lay. Just nice as Jurong was part of it. However we need to make a stopver at Buona Vista for Dearie to pick up his clothes. We told the cab if he's able to go to BV first then to JE he said he won't be able to reach BL on time.

So we alighted at Dearie's office. He went up to his office while I ate the dabao Subway alone at the lobby cos I was hungry already from the pre-natal classes. Then he became moody (In the first place, why you left your clothes in office? ARGH). He wanted to take cab back to JE but I felt it was excessive. Although we agreed not to buy car but we shouldn't splurge so much on cab also what.

So we waited for 198 home but it was a Friday night. Quite disappointed with the single deck that came cos obviously there weren't seats. By the time we finally had seats, we had to sit separately also. So he was dulan that things never go well. He's always like that la. His reason was he's used to NOT bringing anything on Fridays and would finish work and go home without having to carry any extra bags - so he forgot to bring his clothes bag with him after work.

Another Friday, he forgot to mention to his mom not to cook our dinner as we have to attend pre-natal class so we saw the spread on the table when we got back to his place... No wonder I was thinking, how come so peaceful because I know the coordination/arrangement will somehow always screw up.

Sometimes, our miscommunication is really gao lat too.

We wanted to get the Combi stroller from KiddyPalace. However, after getting the stroller, I realised we still had a couple of things to buy at Watson. Even though we had to lug the stroller with us but bo bian. As it was inconvenient for him to be inside Watson with me, he had to stand outside to guard the stroller. Ok fine.

So I finished getting what I want at Watson but there was one thing - a weighing machine - that's not available at Watson so I had to get it at Guardian instead. However, as the cashier queue at Watson was very long, I texted him to see if weighing machine is available at Guardian with the intention of purchasing. He replied back a Ya. So I thought after I had finished paying at Watson, we could leave together with him getting the weighing machine from Guardian at the same time.

So I was looking for him outside Guardian but he was no where there. I went inside and saw him standing beside the weighing machines display while he was there playing with his hp. I asked him why he didn't buy the weighing machine - he said I only texted him to check whether there is weighing machine, he said I didn't ask him to buy.


I came with the intention of buying of cos I want to buy la! PENGZ But he said it's very difficult to manoeuvr with the stroller. I ended up having to queue two long queues cos he said he can't do anything else having the stroller beside him. Wah lau eh, means all parents with strollers all cripple liao... can only PUSH stroller, GUARD stroller, can't do anything else liao is it?


I manage to meet up with Adeline @ CWP to reminisce about DPI days.

It's a bit tough to meet up with friends these days cos it has been quite tiring for me so if I have to go all the way to town to meet friends with my huge belly, I'd rather not. But yet I look forward to seeing some of my gal friends whom I'd known for a long time!

These days I will just standby on bed at 1030pm and will naturally KO at 11-ish.

I can't wait to pop soon!!!!